Learn how our investigational therapies work

1. Engineer

2. Shield

3. Prepare

4. Place

5. Produce

  • 1 Engineer

    Our investigational therapies start with human cells engineered to produce therapeutic molecules that may be missing or deficient in the body, including proteins, enzymes and other therapeutic molecules.

  • 2 Shield

    We then put the cells into tiny spheres, which were designed to do two things:

    • Shield the cells from an immune response
    • Allow the inflow of nutrients and outflow of a specific therapy
  • 3 Prepare

    Here’s what a potential dose could look like. For purposes of this visualization, we have colored the spheres blue, but in reality, they are clear.

  • 4 Place

    For our clinical studies, a doctor will place the spheres are placed via a minimally invasive procedure. The cells are designed to live where they are placed, producing the specific protein, enzyme or molecule the patient needs, which can then circulate throughout the body.

  • 5 Produce

    We believe that a single dose of our SLTx product candidates may provide a meaningful long-term clinical benefit to patients, and our technology allows us to re-dose, if necessary.