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We are ONE.
We, TOGETHER, are Sigilon.

We care deeply about patients’ and caregivers’ struggles, stories, and triumphs.

We care about rigorous science addressing critical patient needs

We strive to earn and keep the trust of patients, caregivers, and partners.

We respect each other, embrace diversity, and work as one team.

We are passionate about the impact of groundbreaking discoveries.

We dream big and don’t fear failure. We ask “What if we could…?”

We build value for patients and their families, clinicians, partners, and shareholders.

We make sure every experiment and decision counts.

We visualize success and make it happen.

We operate with urgency; patients can’t wait.

Always Growing

We are change-makers, and we never stop in our quest to advance therapies for patients in need. For us that takes a number of forms — we stay abreast of the most recent Sigilon science at our Sigilon Monthly Sessions, where a team member presents their findings and cross-pollination of ideas is encouraged; we also meet up informally, around the weekly Friday breakfast or in our collaboration hubs outside the lab. In this way, we’re always inspiring one another and advancing science that matters.

Never Losing Sight of Our Purpose

We’re at Sigilon to make a difference for patients, and that is front and center in our day to day work. We host patients and caregivers at our offices to learn more about the disease areas we aim to treat. And we stay engaged with the broader community, from organizing a fundraiser to send young people to the New England Hemophilia Association Family Camp, to sponsoring rare disease awareness efforts.

Enjoying Our Relationships

From our Sigilon running team to occasional yoga outings to escape rooms and offsite retreats, we really enjoy our teamwork in all forms. We are a close-knit team with an upbeat atmosphere, and it shows in our productive science — a true team effort.

Life at Sigilon

I love that we have a fast-paced scientific workplace but where people are so approachable and friendly.


Associate Director, Therapeutic Lead, Hemophilia

My favorite part of the culture at Sigilon is that there’s a balance, which I think is very important in a work environment. There’s a balance between making sure that the employee’s needs are met, but the science is still also a focus and priority.


Associate Scientist, Islet Cell Therapy

‘We Together’ is our motto, and there is a reason we selected that. We feel we cannot do anything alone; our science and our functions are so unique that there is no one person that knows everything, but if we put our minds and our hearts and our hands together, we can achieve a lot.


Vice President, Head of Human Resources

I think teamwork is very important in the lab because we all are just resources. We can’t know everything, we can’t do everything, so the fact that everyone is there to help you, to contribute to your success, is very important here.


Senior Associate Scientist, Molecular Biology

Everybody’s just nice, smart and interesting to talk to. They’re all about the passion and trying to reach the end goal of helping people, and all of those aspects combined together make Sigilon a great place to work.


Vice President, Head of Islet Cell Therapy Research

I think one of the things that’s exciting at Sigilon is that there’s a lot of different components of what we’re trying to do here. There’s always a lot of new learnings and developments that are coming out of the various teams that make up Sigilon.


Senior Project Manager, Portfolio

We’ve created an environment here where people are collaborative and friendly, and it makes it enjoyable coming to work every day.


Senior Project Manager

Current openings

  • Sigilon Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated Scientist with previous experience in cell biology and cell-engineering with a passion for innovation to develop novel cell-based therapies for treatment of hematological, lysosomal storage and immune diseases.


    · Work in a matrixed environment to generate, expand and provide engineered cell lines for pipeline programs and platform development efforts.

    · Routinely perform molecular and cell biology techniques including PCR, restriction enzyme digests, Gibson and traditional cloning, vector/gene design, DNA sequencing, qPCR, ELISA and western blot

    · Performing stable cell transfection, selection and characterization of engineered cell lines

    · Plan, design and execute experiments to identify and validate strategies for improvement and expansion of Sigilon’s Shielded Therapeutics platform.

    · Present results of experiments and findings in multidisciplinary team meetings

    · Participate in the coordination of assigned research with other teams as necessary to ensure the completion of the team’s research projects

    · Participate in discussions on optimizing protocols, tools, programs and/or new methods for project advancement and make the approved changes

    · Maintain quality standards to ensure engineered cell lines meet the needs of the in vivo and cell biology teams

    · Tissue culture of primary cells and cell lines

    · Make observations, evaluate data, interpret results and document in a well-maintained laboratory notebook

    · Comply with standard laboratory practices and company policies


    · Ph.D. degree with a focus on molecular and cellular biology.

    · Strong track record demonstrated by high-quality publications

    · 1-3 years industry experience desirable

    · Tissue culture, ELISA, flow cytometry and cell-based assays.

    · Experience in molecular cloning and plasmid preparation, RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR and quantitative PCR are a plus

    · Outstanding interpersonal skills and established collaborative working habits.

    · Excellent oral and written communication skills

    · Must enjoy coming to work and having fun while creating therapies that improve the lives of patients