Conquering chronic diseases with


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Our Purpose

Serious chronic diseases today are often treated with chronic therapies. For patients with diseases such as hemophilia, type 1 diabetes or lysosomal storage disorders, this amounts to less than ideal clinical outcomes combined with frequent injections and infusions — sometimes multiple times daily — and constant, lifelong vigilance to manage their disease.


There is a better way. At Sigilon we are pioneering Shielded Living Therapeutics™ as a novel treatment for a wide range of chronic diseases. Shielded Living Therapeutics™ can recapitulate, restore and replace many natural biological functions.

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Meet Our Team

We have an amazingly collaborative team; we really like each other and this makes working together enjoyable. – Lori

I love that we have a fast-paced scientific workplace but where people are so approachable and friendly. – Guillaume

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