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treating chronic disease with


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Our Purpose

Serious chronic diseases today are often treated with chronic therapies. For patients with diseases such as hemophilia, lysosomal diseases, or type 1 diabetes this amounts to less than ideal clinical outcomes combined with frequent injections and infusions — sometimes multiple times daily — and constant, lifelong vigilance to manage their disease.


We developed our Shielded Living Therapeutics™ platform to address these treatment challenges. Leveraging advances in cell engineering and our proprietary biocompatible materials, we created a pipeline of potential therapies capable of producing molecules that may be missing or deficient in the body—potentially resulting in functional cures for patients with a wide range of chronic diseases.

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Meet Our Team

We’ve created an environment here where people are collaborative and friendly, and it makes it enjoyable coming to work every day. – Justin 

I think one of the things that’s exciting at Sigilon is that there’s a lot of different components of what we’re trying to do here. There’s always a lot of new learnings and developments that are coming out of the various teams that make up Sigilon. – Ryan 

Everybody’s just nice, smart and interesting to talk to. They’re all about the passion and trying to reach the end goal of helping people, and all of those aspects combined together make Sigilon a great place to work. – Olivia 

I think teamwork is very important in the lab because we all are just resources. We can’t know everything, we can’t do everything, so the fact that everyone is there to help you, to contribute to your success, is very important here. – Shaleen

“We Together” is our motto, and there is a reason we selected that. We feel we cannot do anything alone; our science and our functions are so unique that there is no one person that knows everything, but if we put our minds and our hearts and our hands together, we can achieve a lot. – Vanya

My favorite part of the culture at Sigilon is that there’s a balance, which I think is very important in a work environment. There’s a balance between making sure that the employee’s needs are met, but the science is still also a focus and priority. – Rupinderjit

I love that we have a fast-paced scientific workplace but where people are so approachable and friendly. – Guillaume

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