Vice President, Platform Innovation and Biology

Sigilon Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company creating functional cures for chronic diseases using Shielded Living Therapeutics. The Shielded Living Therapeutics product platform consists of novel engineered human cells that are encased in a proprietary immune-shielding matrix and placed in the body. These Shielded Living Therapeutics then produce therapeutic proteins in a programmable and durable fashion, without generating fibrosis or immune rejection. Our pipeline of products in hemophilia, lysosomal storage diseases, and, in collaboration with Eli Lilly, type 1 diabetes, are rapidly advancing toward the clinic. Sigilon was founded and created by Flagship Pioneering in conjunction with Daniel Anderson, Ph.D., and Robert Langer, Sc.D., of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Please forward your application via email to


As our lead programs advance into clinical development in 2019, the new VP of Platform Innovation and Biology will chart a course to enhance and evolve the SLTx platform by leading a team dedicated to applying state-of-the art molecular, cell biology, and immunology techniques to enable the next generation of encapsulated allogeneic cell therapies. Overall goals are to increase the breadth of therapeutic opportunities which Sigilon will pursue across several key dimensions that will include: a) targeted (local) protein delivery (e.g. CNS or eye); b) programmed and regulated protein expression (applying synthetic biology approaches); c) further enhancing durability of cell-based therapies; d) achieving higher levels of protein expression and secretion from engineered cells.


▪ Create and oversee a new Department at Sigilon

▪ Accountable for all aspects of cell biology, immunology and platform biology including setting strategy, establishing direction, and hiring additional team members

▪ Accountable for key platform-related deliverables

▪ Own the relationships with internal and external KOL’s and subject matter experts

▪ Oversight of internal staff, CRO’s and academic collaborators

▪ Responsible for keeping up with literature and cutting edge techniques

▪ Management and leadership of teams

▪ Ability to condense complex biology for presentation to management and boards


▪ Ph.D. degree required in a biological field of study, preferably cell biology or immunology

▪ Strong and diverse understanding of basic cell biology, immunology and protein synthesis/secretion

▪ 10-15 years industry experience required in relevant areas which may include immunology, cellular assay development, protein production or cell therapy

▪ Experience with cell therapies such as in regenerative medicine a plus

▪ Previous exposure to cell-biomaterials interactions desirable

▪ Outstanding interpersonal skills and established collaborative working habits

▪ Excellent oral and written communication skills