Senior Director - Therapeutic Area Lead

Sigilon Therapeutics is a multidisciplinary biotechnology company which specializes in creating immune privileged products to address unmet clinical needs. Our mission at Sigilon Therapeutics is to develop improved treatments for chronic diseases using a novel type of therapeutic: implanted cells shielded by proprietary biomaterials from immune attack and the foreign body response (fibrosis). Treatments based on the Sigilon Therapeutics technology platform will act as responsive “living therapeutics” that can provide more natural control for diseases currently treated with intermittent injection or infusion. The company is based in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA and is funded by Flagship Pioneering. Please forward your application via email to

Seeking Directors for Immunology, Metabolic Diseases and Neurology


As our lead programs advance into clinical development in 2019, we seek to expand our pipeline of target diseases to exploit the SLTx platform. We plan to accomplish this through hiring team leaders dedicated to applying state-of-the art techniques to identify novel disease targets in the areas of metabolic, immunological and neurological diseases. Overall goals are to increase the breadth of therapeutic opportunities which Sigilon will pursue, including systemic and organ targeted protein delivery as well as programmed and regulated protein expression.