We are seeking versatile scientists to help us create immune privileged products that address unmet clinical needs.


  • We look for employees who are intellectually curious, willing to ask questions and take measured risks. When an employee joins Sigilon Therapeutics, they become part of the Sigilon Therapeutics family.

  • The ability for prospective employees to fit within the Sigilon Therapeutics culture is a critical consideration.

Sigilon Therapeutics is a multidisciplinary biotechnology company which specializes in creating immune privileged products to address unmet clinical needs.

Our mission at Sigilon Therapeutics is to develop improved treatments for chronic diseases using a novel type of therapeutic: implanted cells shielded by proprietary biomaterials from immune attack and the foreign body response (fibrosis). Treatments based on the Sigilon Therapeutics technology platform will act as responsive “living therapeutics” that can provide more natural control for diseases currently treated with intermittent injection or infusion. The company is based in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA and is funded by Flagship Pioneering.

Please forward your application via email to careers@sigilon.com

    Current Openings

  • Assistant Scientist/Associate Scientist, Cell Biology

    The ideal candidate will transition easily into the tissue culture of primary cells and cell lines as well as the stable transfection and selection of engineered cell lines and more.

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  • Associate Project Manager/Project Manager

    Sigilon is seeking an Associate Project Manager/Project Manager to drive the overall success of our R&D programs and platform development. This person will join a highly motivated team in Cambridge, MA, and will work collaboratively with the program teams to plan, track and report the diverse activities of R&D including discovery, preclinical research, project strategy, and budgeting.

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  • Cell Culture Group Leader

    This individual will be responsible for the build out and management of a 5 – 10 person cell culture team with varying responsibilities.

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  • Principal / Senior Associate Scientist (Assays)

    Sigilon Therapeutics is seeking an experienced Principal / Senior Associate Scientist to join a new team that develops and delivers biological assays for multiple therapeutic programs across the company.

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  • Process Chemistry Scientist

    Sigilon Therapeutics seeks a highly motivated, energetic, and results-driven process chemist or engineer to join its chemistry group. The role will consist of laboratory work in support of the chemistry team’s efforts to design, synthesize, and optimize reactions around Sigilon’s proprietary Afibromer® technology.

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  • Research Associate (Biomaterials)

    Research Associate with tissue culture experience of primary cells and cell line, encapsulation of cells in novel biopolymer systems, maintenance and setting up of encapsulation systems.

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  • Senior Director - Therapeutic Area Lead

    Seeking Directors for Immunology, Metabolic Diseases and Neurology

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  • Senior Research Associate (in vivo)

    Sigilon Therapeutics is seeking an individual with broad expertise in in-vivo and translational biology, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work in a highly interactive and matrixed environment.

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  • Senior/Research Associate, Analytical Chemist

    The Research Associate will be responsible for running and developing methods to characterize small molecules, polymers, and formulated mixtures with both established and novel techniques.

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  • Sr Director CMC - Islet Cell Therapy

    Sigilon Therapeutics is searching for an energized candidate to lead a new team focused on CMC and manufacturing a novel therapeutic product for diabetes utilizing Sigilon’s Afibromer™ technology combined with leading edge pancreatic islet cell technology.

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Why work at Sigilon Therapeutics?

We provide a competitive salary and benefits package to our employees. Benefits include: a 401K plan, paid time off, health and dental insurance. We want our employees to love their work environment and enjoy working with their colleagues.

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