From cell function to functional cure

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Chronic diseases today are often treated with daily or weekly administered chronic therapies. For patients with diseases such as hemophilia, type 1 diabetes, or lysosomal storage disorders, this amounts to frequent injections and infusions — sometimes multiple times daily — and constant, lifelong vigilance to manage their disease.

There is a better way. At Sigilon we are pioneering Shielded Living Therapeutics™as a novel treatment for a wide range of serious chronic diseases. Shielded Living Therapeutics (SLTx) can recapitulate, restore and replace many natural biological functions.

We do so by leveraging the most basic functional unit of the human body: the cell. Our Shielded Living Therapeutics consist of genetic engineered human cells encased in a semi-porous matrix superbiocompatible material that shields the cells from fibrosis and immune attack. These cells can be placed in the body to deliver enzymes, factors, hormones or antibodies in a safe, controllable and durable manner, without the need for immune suppression — thereby liberating patients with chronic diseases from the inadequacies of present-day therapies.

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